Rechnological dental laboratories

Dental Lab - Brescia

Founding Members – Dental Team S.R.L. (2009)


We have always believed that the industrial technology and digitalization should be accompanied by quality and precision craftsmanship, the evolution of the dental industry is giving us reason.

Letter from the partners

The path of the Dental Team group starts from the merger of the experiences and skills of two distinct dental laboratories, collecting the artisanal preparation developed over the years and pouring it into the CAD-CAM development sector , at a time when this sector was already fully developed in other areas but that in the dental industry was still very young.

The purchase of an industrial 5-axis milling machine (ROADERS RDX5 2010) has allowed us to reach an industrial level production while the capacity of our collaborators has ensured the precision and quality craftsmanship that are fundamental in our sector. In addition, our equipment could not miss a technology that we consider essential to achieve a level of industrialization as appropriate as that of Laser Melting Sintering, an instrument necessary for laser printing of various types of metals such as Cobalt Chrome and Titanium.

The satisfaction of our customers and the increase in turnover, however, have not deluded us, reinvesting the new products in the training of people and the development and introduction of new technologies within our supply chain (prototyping, laser sintering, laser melting, 3D-Printing, Fingerprinting) and to date we can guarantee an internal production that in most cases does not commission the production of devices to third parties.

We are an Italian company and we are proud to be able to make the quality of our work known in Europe and around the world.

The partners
Riccardo Cantoni
Rudi Picotti
Claudio Cantoni