Software Digital Smile System

Software Digital Smile System

The Digital Smile System Software allows to show the final aesthetic result of the smile reconstruction in a completely automatic way, starting only from one picture.

The current digital reconstruction practices rely on the photo editing programs, the production of the final image therefore requires time and a certain mastery without considering that the final result is still fictitious, not based on the real and reproducible measure.

The approach of the Digital Smile System Software, with which the Dental Team is equipped, is based on the specific calibrations that are mathematically and univocally controlled, guaranteeing a final result that is reproducible and above all realistic.


  1. Patient’s Photography
    The eyewear allows to photograph the patient in the correct way, thanks to the points of reference the software processes accurate measurements and allows the observation of aspects such as symmetries, overlaps and proportions.
  2. Uploading photos within the software and carrying out the project
    In order to carry out the project, only two images are needed, the patient’s smiling face and an intraoral snap with mouth opener. From here it is possible to superimpose the digital reproduction of the reconstructed tooth to the patient’s photo. The Natural Teeth bookcases, Maxillary Denture and the possibility to create customized bookcases allow to satisfy all the patient’s needs.
  3. Sharing the project with the patient and certain data for the laboratory
    The software gives the possibility to show the patient a real simulation of how the smile will be after the treatment in order to improve the communication and to get the acceptance. At the same time, the necessary data are produced for the performance of the work by the dental laboratory which can analyze them interactively but also in the form of a PDF report.