Software CAD + Software CAM

Software CAD + Software CAM

To produce a finished medical device starting from the scan of an impression, the right tools are needed, but also, and above all, the competence of the technicians who are dedicated to this specific step. Dental Team has therefore provided its technicians with both training and all the necessary software for this purpose. The latter are subdivided into the two macro-categories of CAD / CAM.

Sofware CAD

Computer Aided Designign

These types of software enable to view 3D scans of fingerprint scanners and models. These files (* .stl) are then modified through software to model the final structures but can also be applied for the modeling of all the additional components that may be necessary to guarantee the success of a good job.

Sofware CAM

Computer Aided Manufacturing

The production of 3D models is only a part of the manufacturing process. The machines that deal with materially manufacturing the structures (Milling Machine, Laser Melting, 3D Printers) are not in condition to directly interpret the models made in CAD. To complete this process the CAM software is used with the task to translate, through mathematical calculations, the 3D models in machine paths intelligible from the machine itself.