Milling Machine

Milling Machine

Dental Team is equipped with industrial milling machines that allow to work a wide range of materials such as: Biomedical Cobalt Chrome, BiomedicalTitanium, Biomedical Zirconium, PMMA, Disilicate and Aluminum.

The milling machine is a aimed at manufacturing products out of hard metals, ensuring systematic precision in the micron order and a continuous workflow thanks to the automatic tool change function that allows the machine to change the drills independently by choosing them from a special warehouse with several compartments.

Thanks to this machine, the Dental Team is able to manufacture the supporting structures for the products but also connections and implant platforms or any special order regardless of the size or type of required material.

Manufacturing Process

  1. Scan of the impression or of the master model in the laboratory/dentist studio
  2. Specialized technicians model the scan file to produce a digital version of the final product (CAD software)
  3. The file thus modeled is sent to the machine which interprets the supplied instructions and independently manufactures the product that will be finished by our collaborators (CAM software).