Cast Fusion

Cast Fusion

The traditional technique of lost wax casting (Cast Fusion) involves the artisan preparation of the model, in wax precisely, to be then melted in biomedical metals.

The different steps that must be followed to manufacture a finished product with this technique are the main cause of problems and imperfections that discriminate the good quality of the finished product.

To minimize these risks, the Dental Team has adopted a series of working protocols aimed at digitizing this type of processing.

The scans received from the clinics, or carried out in the laboratory, can be in fact printed in 3D by the machines in our equipment in material, called cast, which can be melted in the same way as wax.

Once prepared the molded model for casting, it is placed in the melting furnace which is fully automated and performs the melting in a workmanlike manner. The high precision achievable by the printed models and the computerization of the process guarantees the production of a medical device of the highest quality.

The thirty-year experience of the Dental Team in using the lost wax casting technique has given us the necessary skills to guarantee the best working protocols that allow us to avoid any complications that would compromise the quality of the final product. Thanks to the innovation brought by the technologies, we were able to digitize the lost wax casting process, adapting it to our quality parameters.


  1. Scan the impression or the master model in the laboratory / dental clinic.
  2. Using the scanned files, the specialized technicians can directly model the structure of the product that will be printed in castable wax (CAD software).
  3. The structure made of special resin is prepared for casting and completed thanks to the automatic melting process.The transformation can take place in different types of metal alloy depending on the use.