3D Printers

3D Printers

The 3D printer is a tool of the latest generation that allows the production of prototypes in Resin from a digital source

The manufactured prototypes are of high quality and precision, greatly surpassing the quality obtainable from traditional plaster prototypes. The material used for these prototypes is a Special Resin which is presented in liquid form and which is solidified, following the CAD parameters of the model, to produce even more prototypes at the same time.

The final models are immediately usable by laboratory technicians and do not require further human intervention guaranteeing high precision and a strong decrease in human error that could compromise the good quality of a finished medical device.

Manufacturing Process

  1. Impression scanning in the dental laboratory / studio
  2. The specialized technicians model the scan file to produce a digital version of the prototype in Resin (CAD software)
  3. The file thus modeled is sent to the machine which interprets the supplied instructions and independently produces the prototype in Resin on which our technicians can realize the prescribed processing (CAM software).