Our expertise at the service of your standards

Our expertise at the service of your standards

Thanks to the investments made in the technical and technological field, the Dental Team is able to collaborate with the external laboratories both through the exchange of master models and through the sharing of virtual projects, offering a high quality manufacturing on the semi-finished products in line with the needs of client laboratories.


The withdrawal of the master models and the medium-range delivery of the products is entrusted to the internal couriers of the Dental Team while, in order to guarantee a long-range service, our Company has stipulated contracts with various national carriers.

The reception of virtual projects, in the agreed extensions, takes place via e-mail while a system entirely dedicated to the purpose is being planned.


At the end of each manufacturing process a CERTIFICATION OF CONFORMITY is issued according to the EEC Directive 93/42 of the Ministry of Health which indicates:

  • Advice for the patient
  • Table of periodic checks
  • Materials used with production batches that guarantee the traceability in case of problems
  • Use rules
  • Maintenance guide
  • Conservation and Safety
  • Warnings reserved for the doctor