Biomedical Composite

Biomedical Composite

The laboratory uses and purchases biomedical composite from the best companies in the dental sector, then accompany the finished product with certifications that indicate the lot of origin and the date of production.

Composite is a highly aesthetic modeling material. It comes in the form of a paste manufactured in an industrial syringe and is used by our specialized dental technicians for the modeling of the aesthetic coating of a structural, transforming it from a plasmable state into a rigid state through photo-curing and finishing the processing.

In this material, the preformed elements (Maxillary Denture), produced by specialized companies, are also used for the production of definitive prosthesis.

Possible solutions on the medical indication:

  • Total Prosthesisi (Provisional or Definitive)
  • Partial Prosthesis (Provisional)
  • Prosthesis Inlays
  • Prosthesis Crowns on the Natural Posts
  • Provisional Prosthesis Crowns and Bridges (Fixed Prosthesis and Implant)
  • Provisional and Definitive Prosthesis Toronto
  • Prosthesis Implant Bars
  • Prosthesis Veneers
  • Prosthesis Skeletonized
  • Prosthesis Valplast

ATTENTION: The certificate present on this website refers to the material used to date, the Dental Team reserves the right to change it at any time according to its own requirements.