Biomedical Cobalt Chrome

Biomedical Cobalt Chrome

The laboratory uses and purchases the Biomedical Cobalt Chrome from the best companies in the dental sector, then accompanies the finished product with certifications that indicate the lot of origin and the date of production.

According to needs and technologies used, it comes in the form of:

Disks of various sizes and thicknesses, used with the milling technique by Cad/Cam technology;
Biomedical Cobalt Chrome plates of various sizes which are used with the Cast Fusion technology for the lost wax technique
Biomedical Cobalt Chrome powders, measured to ensure a particle size of less than 19microms (micrometers), are used with the Laser Melting-Sintering technology: powder laser sintering technique following a CAD / Cam design.

The structures are designed in Cad/Cam according to a protocol that includes scanning tools and specialized dental software. The manufacturing of the structure is then entrusted to machines coming directly from the precision mechanics sector, while the ceramic coating of the same is delegated to the skilled dental technicians that form part of our laboratory.

Possible solutions on the medical indication:

Prosthesis Crowns and Bridges on the Natural Teeth and Implant
Prosthesis cemented
Prosthesis Crowns and Bridges on the implantology Screwed
Prosthesis Toronto Implant bridge
Prosthesis with individual Abutment
Prosthesis Mariland
Skeletonized Prosthesi