Biomedical Ceramics

Biomedical Ceramics

The laboratory uses and purchases biomedical ceramics from the best companies in the dental sector, then accompany the finished product with certifications that indicate the lot of origin and the date of production.

Unprocessed material comes in the form of powders and is used for the aesthetic coating of the definitive structures and in some cases (Feldspatica) as structure itself. The different types of ceramics available to the dental technicians are stratified on the structures up to the desired aesthetic level. The structures stratified this way are then baked in the oven at different temperatures, where the ceramics get vitrified reproducing the natural appearance of the teeth.

Our specialized dental technicians have at their disposal a complete range of colors available on the market to ensure the patient the best color and aesthetic performance in line with the natural teeth.

Possible solutions on the medical indication:

  • Coating of the structure made in Cobalt Chromeo
  • Coating of the structure made in Zirconium
  • Coating of the structure made in Disilicate

ATTENTION: The certificate present on this website refers to the material used to date, the Dental Team reserves the right to change it at any time according to its own requirements.